Johnathon James Ovalle – Lakeland, Florida Florida


This guy Johnathon James Ovalle… where do I even start with him? Well I guess I could start off with how much of a disgusting pig he is and how much he enjoys getting his rocks off to the pain off the women he toys with. I dealt with his BS for years gave him everything I could and tried my hardest at giving him the things I knew I possibly couldn’t.  Damn near bled to death trying to give him a child he could’ve given two shits about. A child he wanted so badly but couldn’t show an ounce of joy for when I got pregnant or a tear when it didn’t make it. Instead he found comfort in a few women he was able to scrape off of the pavement indulging on booze drugs and women instead of being the man he likes to fool women into thinking he is. Lie after lie from his mouth. He claims to own his house when infact he rents it and hardly can make it without help. Claims he’s done with drugs while he’s snorting a line up his nose. Claims he’s no longer drinking while he’s brewing, drinking and selling moonshine from his kitchen. Claims he’s a better man while he cheats on and beats his partner. Claims he wants a woman but only chases [email protected] Desperately obsessed with his ex (Kirsten Crosby/Kat/Gypsy) who strips and sells her p***y for a living. Hes a class act scouring an A+ for being completely full of himself.  A great definition to a low life narcissistic piece of scum.

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