Let me explain. My ex and I were together for 4 years, and engaged for 2. Sounds perfect? Would have been if he could have kept his lying under control. Everything from where he was at night to which bills had been paid was an opportunity to fib. Needless to say, I finally figured out the relationship was going nowhere but downhill and into a moneypit. It sucked even worse, because we lived in one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone’s business. Fast forward a few months, and he slips into my life one last time to “fix us” and “prove he cares”. I say sure. I mean, I had spent almost 5 years with the man. About the same time he pops back up, I am leaving for training with my National Guard unit to a different state. No biggie, it’s only 3 weeks. And yet in that 3 weeks, he manages to not only lie some more, but cheat on me with a different girl twice! Who apparently had moved in with him long before I left! So there it is. I am beyond the point of done anymore. Johnethan, you suck, enjoy your new girl!

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