Johnny Rockets Complaint


Arrived at your location in the block in Orange Ca. After waiting 15 minutes for an empty table to be cleared we finally sat down. 15 minutes after that I had to find our waiter by asking the person who seated us. 10 minutes after that we had gotten up to leave when our waiter finally arrived. He took our drink and food orders simultaneously, since we had been waiting for so long we knew what we wanted. My daughters had milk and a root beer, my wife a diet soda and me a chocolate milk shake, that your Supposedly famous for. We order burgers and fries and onion rings with chicken strips for my 3 yr old. The burgers arrived looking like they had been thrown together . The strips had been burned and my daughter wouldn”t eat them. Meanwhile STILL no shake. We all finished eating and the waiter swung by to ask if we wanted anything else. I wanted a shake. And I NEVER Recieved it. The table next us sat down. Had a waitress in under 2 minutes, order 9 shakes which arrived minutes after that. ME? STILL NO SHAKE.

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