John’s Car Service – Fort Lauderdale Charlotte Review


What a nightmare start to finish. I called several car services and John confirmed that he had a rear facing car seat for my 15 month old (as Florida state law dictates),we even discussed the weight of my child, so I felt comfortable booking. His service includes gratuities and it became very clear to me why that is. The day of he showed up at the airport for our transfer with an old front-facing booster seat that was just not appropriate. I was very upset and expressed that it wasn’t what we had discussed. His response floored me; he basically mocked me for being upset and had an incredibly condescending attitude. . He said “most people charge extra for car seats”” ….to say that he was no a professional was putting it very mildly. The entire trip was less than 5 miles so we did go ahead with it but we shouldn’t have taken that risk. He clearly did not know the laws (by his own admission)

which really surprised me to hear considering his profession. We tried to book alternate transfer for the way back (we were on a cruise ship) despite paying the round trip $90

but unfortunately we could not find private transfer with a car seat last minute. We were stuck with John again. This time he showed up with an old infant carrier that had cat food inside of it. When I pointed this out he asked how I knew it was cat food? I do know what cat treats looks like

but I couldn’t believe this was a response from a business owner. Unfortunately the seats weight limit was too small for our child so my husband had to hold her. It was also missing the base (we always used the base with ours)

and when we asked John how to install it his response was “”I’m not a parent”” he even went as far to send me a picture of the seat afterward and said “”it clearly indicates that the seat can be utilized without the base. I know other parents have utilized the same seat with satisfactory results.”” When I responded saying it was too small for her and covered with cat food he did not offer an apology or response for that matter.”

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