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I bought a male personal protection dog from Lemmie Ruffin that was 5000 DOLLARS. I was told he was a SCH8, I now know there is no such thing. The dog attacked my wife.The next dog Delilah suppose to be a SCH111,turns out is scared of her own shadow 2000 more dollars. The next dog Esco Suppose to be a SCH3 is untitled 5000 dollars. Esco is in obedience training nownwith a real trainer. nI was told by the trainer esco is with now, that Delilahs papers are no good. Escos nerves are bad and isnt capable of protection work, companion dog only. SO the jist of it is im out all this money, still dont have a personal protection dogand I’m having to pay for training,these dogs were suppose to be purebred and fully trained what a joke nI even had to call the police when he sent his goon-squadnto my house to either get more money or try to take my dog n500 more dollars BUYER BEWARE! nIf anyoun else has been taken by these people pleasenfile a report maby it will keep anyone else from being ripped off nRayncleveland, TennesseeU.S.A.

Po Box 170503 Tarrant Birmingham, Alabama U.S.A.


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