Jonathan Jose Bergueiro, Florida


Jonathan Jose Bergueiro has multiple aliases:First Names: Jonathan, Jon, John, Jonny, Jay, J, Tony, JaviMiddle Names: Jose, JosephLast Names: Bergueiro, Berg, Bravo, Blasiyh, Krieger, Marval, Tocox, MarvelHobbies: Plasma donation, Billards (APA), jet skiing, adventure sports, cooking, fine dining, EDM, club promotions, talking about his celebrity connections, travel a.k.a. running from the lawMultiple court cases against him.Infinity tattoo on the back of his neck with a 4 and a 1 inside of it. Also, a hazard tattoo on his right bicep. Has both ears pierced and wears gauge ear rings. LOVES to wear bright colors.Businesses: Presidential Capital Group LLC (2010) and Think Entertainment Inc (2006)He claims to be a commodities broker but he is NOT licensed and is running a scam. He is a cheater but does not feel he is cheating because he is just running another con. No one is a person to him. Every “person” is just an opportunity for him to steal more money.He says he is Italian but he is NOT. He mother, Rosa, was born in Cuba, He may be Gypsy. He may claim to have mafia connections to scare his victims into not reporting him but he is not part of the family.He runs multiple scams but his most profitable scam is dating women to steal their money. If you’re dating him call the police and RUN! He has stolen something from you and has pawned it for cash. He preys on people’s kindness and love in order to get into their homes and hearts. Once he has your trust he will take whatever he can from you with no regret. He has no conscience. He displays every characteristic of a true sociopath.He smiles readily and is the life of the party. He is loud and will be your best friend in an instant. He’ll probably use the phrase, “I know a guy.” He may claim he’s from New York or that he lived in Argentina. He isn’t and he didn’t.He did get paid to marry a women from Argentina in 2002, so she could get her green card. He cheated on her repeated. He even moved to Philadelphia to be with his girlfriend, whom he also cheated on. He then moved back to Miami, FL and when his girlfriend from Philly would call he’d have friends pick up his phone and have them pretend he didn’t know her. Did I mention the financial debt he left her and her best friend in?In 2006/2007 he became engaged to a new girl. He divorced his wife, while pregnant, in 2007. From 2008-2010 he worked for a commodities company and then started his own. According to him, he got into some federal trouble and while he didn’t “go away” 2 of his associates did.He was with his soon to be wife until 2011 or 2012. When his soon to be mother in law passed away unexpectedly, at the age of 64, it was discovered he had stolen her life savings. He also stole his wife’s to be jewelry, money and left her to declare bankruptcy.In November of 2012, he stole from his friend that he was housesitting for. He tried to lie and say the house was broken into. The friend did some research and found his stolen property at the local pawnshops. He headed across the states defrauded anyone he could along the way. He had a girl setting up a place for him in San Diego. While she remained faithful along with his memorial site scams, personal assistant for hire, investment opportunities, federal trading fraud and other scams he still found time to cheat on her along the way.He arrived in California and in 2013 she broke up with him. He got a new girlfriend and cheated on her as well. He married and defrauded another women and stole tens of thousands of dollars from her. You can google him and look him up. He is not a kind or good person. He is a good con artist. He is a great criminal and you should call your local authorities NOW! Chances are there may be a warrant out for him. If there isn’t check your jewelry boxes, your cell phone and your credit cards then report the theft to the police ASAP! PRESS CHARGES! Stop his lying, his cheating and his criminal activity! Fraudulent criminal who runs Sweetheart scams and more to fund his lifestyle – Jonathan Bergueiro, Jonny Bravo, Jay Bravo, Tony Tocox, NOT a Commodities Brokers NOT the love of your life

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