Jonathan Neil Millington San Francisco California Review


There are several complaints online against Jonathan Millington’s company (Ace Plumbing and Rooter). Some of the complaints were posted over three years ago, therefore, he can’t say that the same person has posted them all. This is B.S.! I know Jonathan very well. I know from the time he was living in Los Angeles. Jonathan spent several months in state prision due to a conviction for grand theft auto. Jonathan pleaded guilty to these charges so there are no questions here. More information can be found online. Jonathan’s background is worse than a criminal’s. I have worked for Ace Plumbing and Rooter and I have seen the owner Jonathan Millington using all types of tricks to avoid making payments as promised. Jonathon won’t pay salaries, commitments, debts, etc. Even if they are documented. He owes money to contractors and subcontractors, employees, vendors, etc. What’s Jonathan trick? He knows he owes money and most of the times the person he owes to can prove it but Jonathan knows that most of people won’t spend the time to go to file a small court claim. So far he has been lucky because people do not want to waste their time and money and they just let the debt stay unpaid. That has been Jonathan way of doing business. His main ally is his secretary, she’s as dishonest as him, she should be the first one to be taught a lesson. Be Careful, be careful with him. He is a liar, he is dishonest. He has no remorse at all. He uses people, lies, tricks them, cheats, threatens, etc. This is Jonathan Neil Millington!

945 Taraval St. #201 San Francisco, California USA



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