Jonathan Thomas Bishop Las Vegas Colorado Review


Jonathan Thomas Bishop Thief rented my furnished town home in Las Vegas Nevada. Not only did he leave without paying his rent and utility bills, Jonathan Thomas Bishop stole a long list of items from my property. The list is lenghty and includes amongst other things: the iron, ironing board, laundry basket, freezer shelves, door, vacuum cleaner, wall art, linens, towels, pot pans sliverware etc. Jonathan Thomas Bishop is a former employee of government contractor Imagine One. Jonathan Thomas Bishop Thief aka Johnny Bishop date of birth is November 11, 1985 from Ridgeville, South Carolina. Don’t let Jonathan Thomas Bishop Thief steal from you. He left my property with green paint on the furniture, filfth which is difficult to describe and trash which filled several pick up trucks. Jonathan Thomas Bishop Thief will threaten you with law suits if you pursue him for rent or damages, this thief and rent evader cannot be trusted. Jonathan Thomas Bishop Thief.

1430 Cypress Campground Road Ridgeville, USA

843 926 1325


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