Jonny’s Towing & Recovery


So my car broke down on the highway a few days ago, wasnt planning this just happened suddenly. I immediatly googled towing services ad came across a ad for $65.00, I called and guy said it as $95.00 for hookup and $4.00 a mile, they told me we will be here soon as possible, well that soon as possible turned into 3 hours, remind you i had no power to my car so I was a danger to the road . i called a total of three times eventually my phone does but was thankful for my friends and famiy to continue calling intill they showed up, never apologized or anything. pretty much had to stop for gas for the tow truck but they needed special fuel which made them drive around but on my time!!! we get to the garage i selected and was notified it was $250.00 dollars how is this possible i calculated the miles from the garage to the place I was stranded it was only `4.8 miles, I looked at the receipt and it said 35 and half miles! and a bogus $15.00 tow charge but was never notified unreal! flash forward ive called a total of 5 times and they take my claim number down and never return my call. I work hard for my money well the little money I do have and they took advantage of me!

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