Joplimo Mattress


So we have a split king Sweringen bed that is much softer than the store model from day one. We called and tried to replace it and the company has been very uncooperative. How can they have a liffe-time warrenty on their ForEver beds and behave this way? | I think many of their store employees are just as duped with the situation. Very poor quality. It has been a year since we purchased it and we plan to ditch the mattress and buy new ones. They promise to take care of the problem but then nothing happens. After reading other reviews, the super soft and poor aging seems to be a theme. | This has got to be a class action suit waiting to happen. In the meantime, I will never buy from a small company again – I expect they will have to declare bankruptcy in the near future and then how good is the already worthless warrety. | Joplimo, you need to step up your customer service game and do the honorable thing as people are beginning to talk all over the internet about your behavior.

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