Joplimo Mattress Springfield, Mo Springfield Missouri Review


Thought I was buying a firm mattress with firm coils. Got a mattress that indented 1 and 1/4 inches in 3 weeks when no one is on the mattress. When your are on the mattress it indents 4 inches. I called to complain and I was told nesting is normal up to 1 1/2 inches. I called the manufacturer and was told 2 inches is normal and I should rotate the mattress 90 degrees each time we make the bed. (I weight 155 pounds.) It is a King and is not square so rotating lets it hang over the side boards. The instructions say to rotate 180 degrees and do not mention 90 degree rotation. Also the coils were large coils with two different levels of firmness. So if you rotate 90 degrees the firm coils now run down one side of your body and the soft coils on the other side. Immagine that. I went back to the store and was told the nesting should be only one inch. Another interesting change of facts. I also said the coils were not what I thought I was purchasing. Brian, I said Brian, who introduced himself as the owner, started rediculing my recollection of the purchase. He said which mattress did you purchase. I am standing in a show room with 40+ mattresses. Then argued with me that I could not have purchased the coil system that was now on the other end of the show room with the mattress that was where I recollected the mattress was. Immagine that. Etraordinarly dissappointing experience. Expensive also. They do give refunds. Go to Denver mattress. Joplimo mattress is a rip off, bate and switch operation. The next stop is the hospital for an MRI of my back. Please do not think of using this store.

1922 E. Independence Rd Springfield, Missouri United States of America


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