Joseph “Jody” Sadler – Wise, Virginia Men


I made a mistake and had to spend a few months in jail. While in jail I get a letter from this mans wife “soon to be ex-wife” explaining how her husband and my fiancee was having an affair and it had been going on for a few months and he had just come to her house with my fiancee and got his stuff and left her for my girl. Apparently his wife had got him a better job with a company she used to work for and she was friends with my girl, so she didn’t really think much about the rumours or the phone calls and text, but after he left her she put two and two together. I hate this these to selfish people destroyed two families for their own needs, all I wanted to do was marry this girl, and take care of her and her kids for the rest of my life. But this man stole this from me.

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