Joseph Richko Chicago Illinois Review


So this kid by the Name of Joseph “joey”” Richko inquires about the rental of my home in Fox lake

IL and says that while he has credit issues he is willing to pay 2 months security and the first months rent – he gives me false financials along with a check and says to go ahead and deposit them (knowing that it takes 7-10 days for me to find out that the account has been closed). So I go to the bank of origin and they tell me the bank account HAD been closed (class 4 felony). I call him immediatly and stated that I was going to keep showing it but in the meantime

he’s already moved in. He told me it was a mistake and that he would give me a check from Chase (also was told to deposit) – well I found out that account also has no funds. He then tells me he’s going to give me cash and I say forget it I don’t want anything I want him to just leave. At this point he tells me that he will be leaving and he repeats this to a Fox lake police officer

but he doesnt leave. I served him a 5 day notice and we are now in the court process. Also be careful of some lady by the name of Monica Paredes who vouched for him saying he pays on time

but another Realtor said this was in fact his mother. His dad isnt much help either

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