Joseph T. Archer – Toledo, Ohio Men


This man Joseph T. Archer had sex with my girlfriend and got her pregnant. We had our ups and downs but what we had was special and real until this creature came along. I still have feelings for her because she is the mother of my kids. She took our kids and moved away and this man called my damn phone trying to tell me what I need to do about my kids and how I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do. I kept my cool because it wasn’t time to do anything yet. When your the guy that fd up our relationship and your trying to bash me?? Everything he saying to me is a bunch of bs because I know people in Lima, Ohio who said he’s a downgrade, don’t really have sh*t. Instead of trying to be daddy to my kids he needs to see if the baby he claiming is really his or not. Word is that the baby is not even his and he’s just in denial. He goes back and forth from Toledo, Ohio to Lima, Ohio area. If you see this guy stay clear he is a POS don’t trust him or deal with him. He has a criminal record. My kids shouldn’t even be around him. Especially a guy that wears big glasses like this… I promise 2018 is not going to be good for him or her.

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