Joshua Hale – Stephenville, Texas Men


Don’t know the guy. Found this post on dating psychos and decided to share and warn all women against him. Joshua Hale is also known as Joshua Don Hale or Josh Hale. He has lived in Stephenville, TX, Justin, TX, Bowie,TX, and Snyder, TX. He will play on you emotions about a story regarding being abused by his ex. He uses his son and the fact he is raising him alone to get girls. He does have some proof about the abuse. I am sure some things might be true. Don”t believe him. It”s all apart of his game so he can sleep with you then disappear and treat you like crap without a word. Yes he and his ex had problems. She was arrested. Both were abusive. Trust me on this. This is why he keeps going back to her. He knows its not all her. That is why she peppered sprayed him because he was also going after her during the fight. Granted he was holding their baby at the time. But he was just as involved as she was. I believed his lines. I was his friend for two years when he decided to use me. He played on my sympathies because he knew I was a domestic abuse survivor. He lied to me. He made me think he really cared about me and wanted to see where things were going to go. He spent the weekend with me. Then disappeared. He ghosted me. I found out that right after he went back to his supposed abusive ex who according to him cheated on him. How did I find out. She contacted me and told me they were back together. I was really hurt. He didn’t and wouldn’t talk to me at all and blocked me on everything like I did something wrong. So I can tell you. He is a jerk. Don’t date his girls. He lies. His ex also told me some hard truths about their relationship like how they put each other through hell and that is wasn’t just her which I know believe. You have his side, her side, and the truth. But honestly would he keep going back to her if she was bad as he made her out to be? Plus lets be honest. He also talks bad about everyone. I am posting this to warn other women. Josh likes young naive girls that don’t know any better. He likes age barely 18 through 22. He is currently 36. His ex was also barely 18 when he started sleeping with her and got her pregnant when he was 34 at the time so he likes young girls. We was the manager in charge of her at Allsups. She was his employee. He likes them young so they are to naive to know what a deadbeat he is. He lies all the time a plays of emotions. He also has more dick in his personality then he does in his pants so trust me ladies. His ghosting and lies are not worth it. He will dump you for the girl who has slept with a billion men and cheats on him because he”s gay and sharing a vagina with lots of guys is the closest he can get to sleeping with a guy without coming out of the closet. You might see his dick on the worlds deadliest catch that is how big of a hoe he is. That thing is toxic. Also he uses his son to catch girls and get attention. Don”t fall for his games ladies. Run far the other way if you can. He is also a big time alcoholic that spent time in prison at Piedmont Correctional facility in North Carolina for drinking and driving. He brags online about being sober but drinks all the time in real life. He is a sleeze bag. He is currently in Stephenville, TX. He is still trying to get sympathy in using his story and son as you can see here.

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