Joshua Lio Bateman, Michigan



A dear friend of mine is married to a man, Joshua Lio Bateman. There marriage has always been rocky and in September 2016, they separated. He continued contacting his wife, coming to the house to see her, and supposedly trying to ‘mend’ things. All the while he was actively seeing someone else. My friend contacted this other woman to make her aware, only to be shrugged off as a lying, obsessed b****. He’s still with this other woman and they recently had a baby together. However he’s still very much in contact with his wife, my friend, and basically having his cake and eating it too. She calls me regularly in tears unsure of what to do or how to let him go. She’s very much in love with the a****** and would love to fix their marriage. While the rest of us do not foresee it happening, we cannot convince her otherwise. She has to come to terms with this on her own time! I think if he did not send her messages daily telling her how much he loves and misses her, if he didn’t tell her he wants to come home to her and fix things, she may be able to move on easier. We all see the excuses he gives her, we are all witnesses to the lies he tells, and his sneakiness. We all hate this other woman but our friend actually feels sorry for her because that is the person she is. She feels sorry for her having to go through the same living hell as her without even knowing what he’s doing behind her back. I’d love to see this a****** get some sort of karma served his way for potentially screwing up two women’s lives with his games!!!

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