Joshua Timothy Nibbelink – Grand Rapids, Michigan Men


This little f*ggot likes to purposely break up couples. And if not break, just cause drama. He sweats like a black preacher and leaves hand prints that will literally stay for years. He likes older guys already in relationships. He also likes going in your house when your sleeping or at work and fucking your man. He thinks nothing of telling you flat out you dont deserve what you have and he should have it. So after years of getting pounded raw in basement fetish parties in chicago, he finally (can’t believe it took this long) got the HIV. Word is he doesnt tell people he hooks up with and his friends are no better. All of whom have some sort of mental illness. He even moved less than a block from our house and met up with my EX on trails, at libraries, and various other places, no doubt trying to get him to leave me for him. I believe this has gone on for a couple years. This toxic piece of scum is not to be trusted in any way shape or form. Even if your platonic friends, get away. When you get a man, he’ll be right there trying to get in between. I hear hes dating someone now lol Would be a shame if someone broke THEM up…

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