Joslin Wray – Blackfoot, Idaho Idaho


I live in a small town and people talk, well I liked to go to a bar that had it’s usual people. The owners at the time, are a lovely married couple who loved each other very much. That was until Joslin came into the picture, Joslin is the type of person who tries to be friends with everyone. Well, I watched as she became friends with the couple and things were okay for awhile. Except for a lot of the “casuals” started to notice that the husband and Joslin were hanging around a lot of course speculations started to rise. Then word got around that the couple had separated and everyone came into agreement that it was because the wife wanted to entrust her husband that he wouldn’t break the marriage vows by letting him have his “play time.” The rumors flew, yet it was all the same story that they were sleeping together. I am not sure what happened after that, I just know that the couple who owned the bar have disappeared and that a few short months later Joslin gave birth to a child that she is claiming to be his 100%. Word also went around that she went on a date claiming that her husband left her pregnant and alone, just be careful watch your husbands or boyfriends. She will make friendly with you while trying to bed your SO.

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