Jovita Valdovinos – Yakima, Washington Washington


Jovita Valdovinos keeps making my life impossible. My husband left me about a year and a half ago or so for this slut. She came into our lives when we stopped by her store on 1st street where she belongs. Her store sells natural juices and what not. Me and my husband decided to stop by and that was the worse decision i could have made. He kept going with out me. I caught them once in a dirty hotel both coming out of it. Thats the day i knew i was done with him. 11 years of marriage down the drain all for this whore. we are still married and never divorced. I know she was married in the past and left her husband to become a slut and from word of mouth shes with another 2 guys shes messing around with. Sad part is that this whore doesnt even know who her youngest sons dad is. I know my husband isnt seeing her anymore but because of her is why we do not live together. She sleeps with whoever has a little money.

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