Joyce Coffman – Quincy, Illinois Illinois


I was just amazed by how desperate a woman can get. This woman is a nurse in Quincy who sleeps with men she meets in bars without protection. Wow.. a nurse should know better..tsk!! I can’t say she is a homewrecker but she is a piece of pathetic work. She met my husband in a bar and slept with him without even knowing him. Afterwards she have the nerve to call me telling me how how nice he is and telling me how I should take care of him thus calling me a bitch. .lol..she never met me and obviously is confused that a man will of course say nice things to strange women in bars to get some! I was straight amazed at her…I mean who is she to tell me how to treat my husband?? The audacity of this simple minded woman truly tickled me! Then she had the nerve to wish him all the luck with his wife like he needed…I mean it was like she refused to believe she was dupped and fooled by a strange man in a bar she only now knew for less than two weeks! Geez… if only you all could have heard how she kept saying..”he is a nice guy” lol I was like how the hell you know? Because he blew smoke up your ass to get some ass? I mean she wouldn’t stop with that…even after the fact he hung up in her face and refused to talk to her and told her ” I love my wife!! Poor girl…but I thank her for the laughs and for calling me the bitch..because a bitch is what she will get now…lol ..I was being nice at

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