JP Pools Murfreesboro TN Review


I put down a $700 deposit to JP Pools for service to my pool in 2018. It was moved up to Spring/19 due to weather conditions having to be right for the work being done. On 4/24/19, I had a appoinment with them. I waited all day for someone to show up and they did not. I contacted them and they said they did show up later in the day, after I had given up on them and then was not available. They decided that they did not want to do the work then and said they would refund my deposit back. I have been going back and forth with them on this money for over a month and I finally got a portion of my money $325, stating they would be keeping $375 for fees. I signed nothing and my work order says nothing about any fees. I should not be accountable for someone to show up un announced and expect me to be there. I want them to refund me back in full the $700 for zero services rendered.

612 Blair Avenue Gallatin, TN United States


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