JP Tech Solutions Inc.


Victim called "Webroot Security" at phone 1-866-254-8400 and they transferred him to their technical unit "JP Tech Solutions, Inc." He doesn’t know the address for either company. He spoke with a "Jeff Cooper" who he allowed to clean out his computer and paid him $500 for a 5 year agreement. Then victim found out the man had tried to gain access to his bank account to withdraw another $500 but bank declined him. Then a "Grant Miller" told victim if he didn’t pay another $500 then his computer would get hacked. Victim refused. Then his computer screen turned red with words "Your Computer Has Been Breached, Call this Number and Let Us Fix It." "Company" phone #’s used include: 1-855-514-1192, 1-855-554-3666, 412-660-1087.

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