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I am so glad I have learned to check out people offering jobs. I have been unemployed for nearly a year, and have become very vulnerable to the offers of immediate employment. | The other posts about JSM Consulting’s email from Michael Todd/Mell were eye-openers, as the exact same email – word for word – was just sent to me, today. Unbelievable. I live in the Metro Atlanta area. JSM is a nationwide operation. | My main concern is where JSM got our email addresses from. It is probably not a coincidence that I just updated my profile on Monster.com yesterday. There needs to be more privacy enforced on these larger, well-known job sites that are used on a daily basis by active job seekers. Signing up for Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. then produces “alerts” from other job sites like Job.com. ZipRecruiter, Gigats, and numerous others. All of these sites list the same jobs, and even note which jobsite the listing came from. Our personal information is being shared without our consent. As soon as we unsubscribe, more sites are added to the alert team, and it never ends. | Scamsters like JSM Consulting need to be stopped. The stress of looking for a job is hard enough. You build yourself up, get excited after an interview that you thought went well, and then get rejected. It’s stressful enough, and can destroy your self-confidence. Idiots like JSM are all over the place and one has to wonder why they do this. What do they gain from screwing with people? Haven’t they ever been unemployed? They NEED to be stopped now! | Here is a list that was at the end of my email from Michael Todd/Mell:

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