Juanita Perez Tellez – Manassas, Virginia Virginia


This h** likes to sleep around on her husband with married men. She will offer oral sex to these men and even have sex with them on her husbands bed. He is such a pushover and stupid man, he allows it. He says, if he doesn’t see it with his own eyes then there is no proof that it really happened. He is the biggest idiot I have ever seen. It’s just sad how much of a pu$$y he is. She is not with anything. All you have to tell her is that she is pretty and she will suck you like a lollipop. She has no morals and I truly feel sorry for her kids that have no idea that their mom is a sex maniac and will do anything for sex. She doesn’t even take care of her kids because she so worried about getting some other married man d**k. She’ll cook for that man but not for kids. Her kids only eat cereal. Their dad is the one cooking for them when he gets home.

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