Judge Mctavish Seymour Indiana


Complaint: I was called to judge mctavish’s court because of rumors that were never able to be substatiated, and also investigated by child protective services and found to be false. My ex told everyone that I did not get unemployment because of i was fired for drug use, even though she was getting child support payments coming directly from my unemployment. Her lawyer also found that I was not fired for anything to do with drugs. I begged cps to drug test me, they finally did and of course I passed. I have no record of drug use and no criminal record as well. I haven’t even had a ticket since I was 20 and i am 46 now. Even though there are records of domestic dispute in my ex wife’s home, because of rumors that were proved untrue I lost all overnights with my child. I am to get my daughter to claim on taxes every other year, but because my ex won with no proof and even proven wrong she is not allowing me the court ordered ability to claim my daughter. I guess she feels untouchable. There are even restraining orders against my ex and her husband for my ex’s husbands children. There is a long history of my ex dragging me into conflict and court for many years over anything she can think of. In the past the claims were so outlandish that she was dismissed almost immediately. I am baffled by the recent events in court. My daughter tells me that her step father threw a block of knives at her mom and one came out and flew over my daughters head. she says her mom and step dad put her up to telling stories and she wants to live with me. But when the judge cares more about letting the woman win than he does about the safety of my daughter I don’t know what I can do.

Tags: Government Worker

Address: Brownstown, Indiana United States of America



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