Judy Schwank Payback Pennsylvania


Complaint: Judy Schwank is currently running as a Democrat for the PA State Senate for the 11th district in a special election on March 15, 2011. Let’s take a look at JUDY SCHWANK! Remember 34% Judy? No? How’s those property taxes working out for ya? SHE RAISED THEM 52% since being in office! In her first year as Chair of the Berks Commissioners she had ammased the most government spending in the history of Berks County! She RAN from office so she would not have to face the wrath of the voters! She fired the former director of elections for strictly political purposes! Judy may have 10,000 friends, but I’m sure if it was their taxes that were raised, she would have none!

Tags: Government Worker

Address: Reading, Pennsylvania United States of America

Website: judyschwank.com/


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