Julia Felt – Gainesville, Georgia Georgia


Julia Felt preys on married men. She seduces them and sleeps with them with no regard to who she will destroy. She doesn’t care if they’re married and have a family. She Seduced my husband while he was away on a work trip and slept with him over and over again. Knowing he had a wife and children at home. Then continued to text and talk to him for weeks, telling him that she loved him and was willing to move to be with him. Don’t get me wrong my husband is also wrong for being weak. Julia knew damn well what she was doing and she didn’t care. All she cared about was crawling into bed with my husband over and over again. You would think Being a mother of two small boys, that she wouldn’t want to destroy someone’s family. But that’s exactly what she did. If you live in Gainesville, Georgia watch out because she doesn’t care who she sleeps with, or who she destroys!

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