Julia Suarez – Marlow, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This tramp Julia Suarez is a mother of two daughters and a son…. Well how well is she teaching her kids when they are the ones that will have to live with the gossip of their mother sleeping with married men… My husband and I where suppose to work on things while this woman decided she needed to get between the sheets with my husband…. a week after we make plans she tells him to make something up and leave me… my husband was a great father til he cheated on me the first time then he needed to tell me he loved me tried to work on things and well when he finally got back in my head to come home that week my daughter got ignored my him… my 16 yr old… then he slapped her til he bruised her face and on top of that he dragged her on a gravel road trying to get her into his truck to go apologize to his new s***… It’s okay to hurt me but my daughters that loved there father had nothing to do with it… then dragging them in gravel with no shoes over an apology… I don’t believe that was okay so she deserves to be put on homewreckers bc that’s exactly what she is. Any real woman would have moved away and left him alone til there was divorce papers signed… but what can I say… she says she was the sweet one….

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