Julianne Slinger Nee Saunders – Quincy, Massachusetts Massachusetts


This almost 50 year old squeezes herself into trampy outfits, plasters on pounds of make up, and trolls for men in Southie bars. She typically goes for guys she already knows from the past, as completely new men won’t usually go for the desperate, divorced, middle aged sadness she exudes. She relentlessly pursues any man who shows even the slightest kindness to her and whether he is married with children or already in a relationship is totally irrelevant to this skank. She spends most of her days chugging down cheap moscato wine or fireball whiskey. She is a mother to 3 young children and uses her child support payments to fund her alcoholic sprees, trips away with friends, and slutty outfits. She lives rent free in her dying mother’s home and usually can’t even manage to pay the bills or attend to her children, as her primary focus is boozing and preying on men who are already taken. She whines about being poor, abused, and sad in order to elicit sympathy and endlessly texts/calls the man in her sights regardless of any girlfriend/wife. This woman has zero shame in her game. She brazenly flirts with her friends’ husbands at PTO and neighborhood events and has even had sex with a couple of them. She thrives on drama and seeks it out as though it were a full time job. Speaking of jobs, she doesn’t have one. Her poor ex-husband is a cop and is sadly funding all of her debauchery. Child services has been alerted about her drinking and obvious neglect multiple times. She often has strange men to her house when the children are home and shares an email account with her 10 year old daughter – who probably sees all of the sexually explicit messages and pictures her mother sends/receives. This woman has wrecked marriages and has severely damaged families. She has no conscience and is a disgrace to women and mothers everywhere. Steer clear of her if she ever throws herself into your path or your man’s.

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