Julie A. Ramieri – Smithfield, Rhode Island Rhode Island


Let’s start by saying that this woman seems nice, she’s HR at Easton electronics and a nurse at Our Lady of Fatima (a Catholic hospital) in Rhode Island. Julie A. Ramieri formerly (Stultz) and before that (Westcott). She gave one of her employees extra support when his wife had surgery for a brain aneurysm. She would console him and her bff Karen Diggle would ask him how everything was only to confide in Julie Ramieri. Needless to say it’s was doomed HR behavior from the get go. This chick waited til her employee’s wife had the surgery and swooped in! Gave him notes and gifts on the holidays and birthdays. Then started hugs and kisses. She even befriended the wife only to eventually cheat physically. Her brother is the president of the company so she still works there where that guy had to leave the company. She lied to her current husband and step kids about the affair in hopes that she could maintain that nice woman image. She still complains about her husband in hopes to get sympathy from her co workers and friends. Oh did I mention she has a 3 year old girl. This woman is pure evil disguised as a 4’10” nice house wife. She is a sociopath and how is she still working at a place known as a catholic hospital how is she still HR. Oh yeah because half her family including her step kids work at Easton Electronics.

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