Julie Griffin – Pauline, South Carolina South Carolina


This 25-year old Julie Griffin slept her esy through her job, finally finding 45 year old man stupid enough to abandon his wife and 4 children, the oldest kid is only a year younger than this butch looking girl. She didn’t even know if her kid was the result of an affair or actually her boyfriend’s. She was engaged the whole time she was sleeping with her boss, this idiot mid-life crisis man, who risked his job, kid’s insirnace, and everything for a piece of tail who stroked his ego. He’s spending all his money on her, paying her bills, taking her on trips, while his mama still gives him money and he tells his kids he can’t afford things. He sees his kids maybe once a month while he’s playing dad to her kid. Julie (Julieanne Marie Griffin) already got him to buy her an engagement ring before his divorce papers were even filed. She’s a selfish, stupid gold digger with Daddy issues and has destroyed the lives of his kids.

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