Julio R. Sosa Photography Review


I traveled from Washington State to dog shows in Texas. I had never used this photographer and did not know he charged a fee if you did not buy a photo. There was no notice of this policy on signs at his photo-taking area. When I went on-line to view proofs they were terrible. I was willing to buy the “better” of the two just out of courtesy and because my dog had just earned a championship. He said that he would charge $62.00 to send me the ONE photo via email. I was stunned as I have been buying show photos for over 30 years and have never paid such a price. He said $20 was for photo I did not buy and $42 for the one I was buying. That was the highest price I have ever been quoted for a show photo leave alone one that was not even very good. I told him I would pay the $42 for the one but not the sitting fee for the other. He was not willing to compromise even though I told him I was from Washington State and unaware of his policy. So, I did not buy either. He also made insulting remarks to me which I have saved on my computer. I should have complained to the club giving the show. I think they should quit hiring him or else hire several photographers (like we do in Pacific Northwest) so dog owners can have a choice. I received a bill in the mail and decided not to pay it. He wanted $40 for photos I did not buy. I have never left a photo bill unpaid. He will probably get a collection agency involved. This guy is truly incompetent and that is likely why he charges for photos people don’t buy…there are so many bad ones. The quality dog show photographers don’t have to do so because people usually buy their work. I see that other exhibitors have had the same problems with Mr. Sosa. He has a poor reputation among his dog show photographer peers as well. .

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