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Complaint: The part of South Africa the missionaries and tourists won’t see because the government has been trying to keep it away from the world. Farmers in South Africa are being murdered at the rate of 313/100,000, and they often suffer violent deaths after being tortured for hours. That’s 2 farmers every week! 90% of farms that have been redistributed have failed and are NOT producing any food. Farm killings have increased since Julius Malema – leader of the ANC Youth League – has started singing the banned song “Kill the Boer

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Address: Kill the Farmer””. Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=blDoIVf6Y1M&feature=share I know some friends from the USA who lives in South Africa on Facebook.com & this is what they posted: ”The really sad part is if you ask everyone here if they have been a victim or know of someone all the answers will be yes. Chris and I know of many not just a few but many people that have been victims of crime here. Yes it is sad and tragic. The really sad part is the leaders and police are involved with the crimes so who do you turn to? We need people all over the world to get the word out about these crimes.””


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