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I feel really very sad while saying that REDONDO BEACH DENTAL GROUP has a really bad clinic and does not provide efficient services and treatment to their patients. Due to the severe pain in my tooth, I went to them for my treatment. First of all, they quoted that my appointment has been fixed with the doctor but later when I reached at their clinic on the told venue and time, they said that there is not appointment being fixed with my name. This was really very irritating. I further asked them to book my meeting now but they declined by saying that the doctor isn’t present and you have to wait. Since the pain was too much and I couldn’t take any risk, so I waited and finally after one and half hour of waiting, the doctor came.
When he came, his assistant booked my meeting. I was really very shocked to see the behaviour of the doctor. He was very rude towards me and miss behaved with me. He didn’t talk to me much neither heard my problem properly.
Later when he started my treatment, the pain was becoming unbearable since the tools he was using were really inappropriate. Moreover the way he was using them was just too unprofessional and rough which made the pain become even more worst. I felt too scared while the treatment. He even face me wrong injection and didn’t even admitted his fault. He was really an irresponsible doctor who had no sense of the work he was performing. He had no ethics and values which are needed in professional as well as in personal life. The doctor was really very bad. I would never suggest anyone to take the treatment if your oral health from them since they have no respect towards the profession they are following. Moreover they are just fake.

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