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Complaint: Today I took my car to Just Brakes for an inspection because about a week ago I heard a squealing noise two or three times when I stopped at a red light. All of their commercials on the radio say to take your car in if you hear this to avoid costly repairs caused by further damage to your braking system. My brakes were operating normally with no sounds for the past few days, and I checked the brake fluid level before I went to Just Brakes and it was full. But to be safe and avoid large expenses, I took it in about 730 this morning after talking to Joe on the phone who said to bring it in. Joe, the manager, told me “in most cases all that is required is the $99.88 4 wheel friction service.”” When I asked how long that would take he said “”anywhere between an hour and a half and three hours.”” He then told me to hang around for about 15 minutes while they did the inspection. After about 15 minutes he took me back to my car and showed me the brake pads

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Address: which he said were glazed which was causing grooves in my rotors…that is the only part that turned out to be true

Website: but I know what brake fluid looks like and this stuff was not brake fluid. Next he took me to the front of the shop and showed me my rotors and drums. There clearly were grooves in them

Phone: as I could clearly see the swirl marks on the rotors. He also showed me the calipers

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