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Complaint: I was lured to Just Brakes by their incredible offer of $99.95. I knew my front brakes needed work, and was willing to pay that ammount to save my husband the time. Two hours after leaving my car I was called and told that I had an extremely dangerous vehicle on my hands. They insisted that I needed extensive work. They said that the front brakes were completely frozen, that the rotors had enough metal on them but were no good because their machine couldn’t get past the rust so they needed to be replaced, the calipers needed to be rebuilt, but that wasn’t all. My back brakes were bad and leaking so all the hoses and hardware needed to be replaced, etc. etc., and all of this would cost me around $650. When both my husband and I told them not to do the work that I would come pick up the car they began telling us how unsafe the car was and that I should have it towed home. Before I got in the car I was once again taken aside and told to be extremely careful that my brakes could go out at any time, the car was extremely dangerous, and that I should not be driving it at all. My next door neighbor is a mechanic and looked at the car when he came home from work that evening. He immediately knew that they had lied about the leak on the back brakes because there was no evidence of that whatsoever. When my husband did the work he found that the front brakes needed replacing (which we had known), but were not frozen and the machine at the auto parts store had no problem turning the rotors. The calipers were fine and the back breaks were in excellent condition and didn’t even need replacing. The parts cost us under $30. My neighbor called their corporate office and was told that they “suggest”” more work to be done so that they can basically protect their own rear when it comes to the 50

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Address: 000 mile warranty. However

Website: 1750 Fry Rd. Houston, Texas U.S.A.

Phone: the “”suggestions”” that were made for my car were a complete frabrication. It certainly makes you question any of their findings. Michelle Houston

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