Just Brakes Land O Lakes Florida


Complaint: Brought my car into JB because of course the phrase “we really do care”” slogan was catchy and it was close to my job. I too of course thought the $99 brake job was a good deal considered I called other places that were more expensive. I told them NOT to work on anything and to call me to see how much it was going to be. They called back telling me I needed all these parts for my breaks… the bill came out to be over $700!!! I wasn’t going to be rude about it

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Address: but I kindly told them I didn’t have that kind of money and I might have it by next week and not to work on my car until then. This of course was just a ploy so they would think I was coming back. Then of course they tried asking me if they could just fix some of it for it be drivable

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Phone: but I refused. Well this is the cathcer!! No only are they rip-offs but they rigged my breaks and made them worse to where I could hardley drive it home!!! The first red light I came to I thought I was going to crash into the car next to me because they were that bad!! My breaks might have been squeaky when I brought it there

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