Just Brakes – Manager Charles Irving Texas


Complaint: I took my car to just brakes in Irving. Says free brake inspection, but like several others have reported, it’s not. Needless to say when they checked my brakes they said that I have over $600 worth of repair. Two rotors would have to be replaced and the other two rotors repaired. Plus new brake pads. I told them to go ahead and do the work. I got my car back and the brakes squeeked! They didn’t squeek when I took them in, but they squeeked like I needed a brake job! So I go back a week later and the guy drives my car and says oh we forgot to lubricate some little something… WHAT? They fix it, supposably, and I go home. Brakes are still squeeking… So I go back a week later and the guy drives my car and says they don’t squeek. Like hell they don’t! I told him to get out of my car and I drove with him in the car. They SQUEEKED! He gives my some line, blah, blah, blah… give it a week and if they still squeek come back in and I will put a pair of dealership pads on. I go back yet another week later and he puts the pads from the dealership on my car, saying this is it. “You drive your car so hard that this is all I can do.”” Excuse me

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Address: if he had fixed this right the first time

Website: 501 W. Airport Fwy Irving, Texas U.S.A.

Phone: I wouldn’t have been back. What does that have to do with how I drive my car. What? His brake pads only last a couple of weeks…!! Angie Irving

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