Just Brakes San Antonio Texas


Complaint: I’ve noticed that a lot of people have reported phsyical and verbal intimidation when they refuse Just Brakes inflated services. When I refused service, they actually called the police on me! I’m grateful that they did because the police officer made them put my car back together and waited for them to test drive it to make sure that it was safe. He also ensured that I was given a copy of all the deceptive paperwork they had me sign. In addition, I wrote over the contract that “this was not explained to me”” that way if they attempt to pursue the issue in court

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Address: that it is clear that I did not understand what the paperwork was that they made me sign. I think perhaps the police officer was aware of their illegal practices because it was the officer that insisted he stay and make sure that my car was put back together

Website: call the police and make sure the event is documented. Sa P San Antonio

Phone: test driven

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