Just Brakes store #63 and #68 Chandler AZ


Complaint: I called store #63 in Glendale, AZ on May 18, 2002 at 330pm. They said to bring the car in that they were not busy. I dropped my care off around 400pm. I returned at 600pm (closing time)to find my car had not been touched, not even a phone call alerting me to the fact. I left with nothing resolved. On May 20th, 2002 I went to store #68 in Chandler, AZ at 700am. I told the manager I just wanted brake pads. I had a reliable person evaluate my brakes and said I just needed pads, nothing more. I was informed that my calipers needed to be replaced and for 600.00 plus dollars, I could have them all done. I said no just pads. The manager said he could not guarantee the work since I refused the additional ‘needed work’. I paid 109.65. I returned on June 10th, 2002 at store # 68 in Chandler, AZ at 700am and told the same manager, one of the brakes had been making horrible squeaking sounds and could they look at it again. After the same manager pulled my old paperwork, I was reminded that I needed the calipers. I said no and I would take the care to the dealership instead. On July 6th, 2002 I had my cheap Just Brake pads replaced with Raybestos ceramic pads, had the parking brake adjusted and the calipers cleaned and lubed in and hour, buy an honest mechanic for 112.47. The brakes now work great. My mechanic said I didn’t need new calipers; they were dirty but definitely did not need replacing. He hears these stories everyday about how these companies are nothing but a ripoff and has to repair their work. I now have paid twice for the same service. Just Brakes took advantage of me because I am a female. I will never go there again and will tell others as well. I would like my 109.65 back. I went to Just Brakes on three occasions and never did get the problem resolved. I did however waste a lot of time from work because of Just Brakes incompetency. Lisa Chandler, Arizona

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Address: 7130 W Chandler Blvd Ste. B1 Chandler AZ 85226 Chandler, Arizona U.S.A.


Phone: 480-598-9988

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