Just Host Complaint


Avoid justhost – most insincere, untrustworthy company I purchased a domain name, hosting and a who is privacy with justhost. I have since deleted the hosting and domain name for the site but then i find out months later that my personal details (Which i wanted kept private and therefore purchased whois privacy from justhost) was on the internet for everyone to see. The website which had the information never responded to their email to take my personal details off their site, but they gave an option to remove my details which required justhost to be involved. However, despite calling justhost several times and talking to their staff via their live chat service on their website- including the most most insensitive and unprofessional live chat staff on justhost – nisha a, who refused to give me her manager”s details -no one seemed to care and didn”t want to assist me. All i needed was for just host to visit the site, click on their email address (Which the site had records of and linked to my domain name) and then once they received an email from the site click a link to remove my information from their site. Just host were unconcerned even when i said my safety was on the line with my line of work and having my personal details easily accessible on the internet and because of them because the website showed they got the information from justhost. Whether over the phone or live chat, all their staff refused to put me through to a manager. I”m appalled !

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