Just Property Complaint


After renting a place through Just Letting for 3 years. I cancelled my lease with them in March this year and moved out. We left the unit in a very good condition and both Just Letting and the owner were satisfied that we could get our deposit back. After 2 months I still have not received my deposit and any attempt to find out what is going on has failed. While doing some further investigation I stumbled onto a list of other Just letting clients that have also been scammed out of their deposits by Just Letting: www.hellopeter.com/search_results.php?search=Just+Letting The comments on the HelloPeter website explaints the situation even further. (With comments like: “Lawyers letters are to no avail to these people as they seem to be above the law”) This seems to be a quite a serious problem affecting alot of people. If any one can help us with this problem it would be much appreciated.

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