Justairticket.com Mississauga Review


March 24, 2019, showed up at IAD (Dulles International airport) to board the plane to Toronto to be told that justairticket, cancelled my flight to Toronto on March 10, 2019 and refunded $ 144.36. I was not notified of any cancellations and no money was refunded to my account. The Porter airline counter agent, his name is Tareq, called justairticket agent a very rude woman who was offended by each and every word who didn’t understand a word of English, kept telling me and him that they paid the amount to Porter airline, a reservation that could not be located by Porter airline. I missed the plane. I had to buy a new one way ticket on United airlines for $ 638.30 since yesterday afternoon, I keep calling the incompetent justairticket agents who don’t know what they are doing. I have been on hold for an unlimited amount of time, as I write this review, while they call Porter airline. DO NOT book through them, they are scammers. I have to be reimbursed the amount of$ 638.30 which I paid to United airlines and the amount that justairticket cancelled and didn’t pay Porter airline for $ 144.36 on March 10, 2019. Justairticket will have to pay for my lawyer’s fees and other punitive damages incurred.

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