Justin Ashe – Sylva, North Carolina Men


I met Justin Ashe on a dating a site, we talked everyday for about a week and he made me feel comfortable to the point where I opened up to him about my past and previous relationships with stupid men, he knew that I had been hurt but yet it sure did not stop him from hurting me. He would make comments that he wanted me to feel comfortable around him and that he wasnít like all the men I have dated, well guess what he proved me wrong. I told him not hurt me in anyway well apparently he didnít take me serious. One night I received a text from him saying that he didnít want to pursue anything more then a friendship, I called him and he proceeds to tell me that heís in love with some young girl which by the way he told me it wasnít serious and they werenít even dating so you talk about a total slap in the face. Mind you this prick had built my emotions up and for once I started to feel a connection with someone again after all the hurt Iíd been through. I finally thought I was going to catch a break from all the dirt bags that had hurt me… After all of this I ended up meeting Justin anyways that night, and what a stupid mistake that was. I met him at Huddle House in Dillsboro and from there we drove to the casino long story short, I drank on the way there and we got in an argument and he took me back to my car knowing Iíd been drinking. I live in Franklin. He left me there (at this point I was devastated) he said he couldnít help how he felt, that he was in love with someone else, well guess what he sure wasnít in love with her when he sent a picture of his d*** to me and saying he wanted to sleep with me, he kept saying he was trying to be religious. You call this religious? No honey I call this pure stupidity on your part. You donít care about anyone but yourself so Iím calling you out in front of everyone. Call me crazy, whatever you want but youíre just an a$$hole and Iím tired of stupid men like you thinking that itís ok to treat women like pieces of trash!!! You may look good on the outside but you truly have one of the ugliest hearts I have ever seen so that makes you ugly. Maybe next time youíll think twice before playing with a womanís emotions!!! So ladies of WNC watch out for this douche.

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