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Justin Chance Spector, now operating at Miami Lauderdale Cars, listed a beautiful 2005 VW Beetle on eBay; photos showed a beautiful car; described as in “excellent condition” on both interior and exterior, excellent mechanical condition, no check engine lights, blah blah blah. What I received was a piece of junk that was literally held together by duct tape. The the photos on eBay were so heavily manipulated, even the color wasn’t the same! To begin:
1) Instead of the vibrant blue shown in pics, the color was pale, discolored blue, with yellowing;
2) both panels of both doors were falling off the door; you cannot close the passenger door without holding up the panel from the inside. My husband mentioned it might have been used for running drugs, because why else would BOTH panels of the doors be completely unhinged?
3) it’s a convertible – the mechanics of the top do not work;
4) check engine light is on;
5) side passenger mirror is broken;
6) A/C not working properly;
7) Crack in rear window;
8) glove compartment broken, cannot be opened.

I have since contacted other people on this site who were also scammed by Justin Spector; it is apparently a group of guys, including Justin (who has many aliases – read all the comments). I was assured by another member of their crew – I know him as John, but his name is apparently Jonathan Benyahuda (I’m spelling that by sound – do not know if that’s correct spelling) – that this car did not have any engine lights on, that the convertible top worked properly, and that the interior was in excellent condition and the car was mechanically sound. So, read through the comments – the list of numbers I have so far are as follows:
Justin Spector – 561-480-0420, 954-805-1157, 813-291-6540;
Jonathan – 972-676-9981
Steven Spector (who I think is his brother) – 561-699-9887

The only numbers that I know for certain are working today (9/25/19) are 954-805-1157 (listed under Miami Lauderdale Cars) and Jonathan’s personal cell, 972-676-9981. Justin goes through a lot of burner phones, so I don’t know how long they will be active. He is currently responding to emails from [email protected].

I have retained an attorney. If he thought I would roll over, he was wrong. I may never see my money, but after he is forced to retain counsel to defend himself, he won’t see it either.. I demand FULL REFUND. Stay away

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