Justin Currie producer from Spike TV


Justin Currie from hoboken, New Jersey is a cheater and a lier. Sex is the one thing you shouldn’t swindle yet it is at the center of the worst swindling of all emotions..I trusted Justin with my heart and body. I believed that that he was a good man. He made me believe he was a old fashion gentlemen. He made me think we were boyfriend and girlfriend in a monogamous relationship. The whole time me and him were dating he was in another relationship with his ex girlfriend and coworker Casey Brickman (which is known as the office s***). When I confronted him about Casey, he told me she was a psycho ex and he wanted me. I feel stupid and dirty that me and him had sex. He made me think he really wanted to be with me. Justin played me for a fool. I was his girlfriend not some f***. I open my heart, mind, and body to him….cheating on someone who would do anything to be with you is so disrespectful. What bothers me is that I trusted him. All the words out of his mouth was lies; everything was fake. Ladies watch out for this smooth talker…

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