Justin Rosemier – Kirtland, Ohio Men


Fraternization: As a group of witnesses we are choosing to come forward to bring awareness to both the community, and Lakeland Community College. Several of us have firsthand witnessed behavior during the Fall 2016 semester that leads us to believe that fraternization is occurring between Dr. Justin N. Rosemier and current student: Laurie C. Love. The following is described to the best of what we have witnessed: professor Dr. Justin Rosemier being current faculty within the Biology department at LCC and a married man of two young children. As of the past two semesters, we have noticed behavior that leads us to believe that a student-teacher affair is occurring between Dr. Justin Rosemier and his student Laurie C. Love. The two have been spotted leaving campus together on several occasions after class. Laurie, being the one that tipped us off by bringing Dr. Justin Rosemier’s motorcycle helmet to class, and immediately being seen leaving campus with him afterwards. The motorcycle from what we observed, belongs to her married professor. A second witness spotted them around town on one particular instance; standing in line at a local Chipotle with his hands groping her butt. They have been taking trips together during the current semester, as this information and photos have been posted by Laurie C. Love online. Social media reveals that the two have been taking roadtrips to Pennsylvania and Canada during the active semester. The pair will also be taking a speculated “honeymoon” trip to the country of Belize in December 2016, through a class that he is her current professor in. All the while, his wife, children and students are left in the dark. Laurie C. Love’s behavior is pathetic in the sense that she is aware that “her love” is married with children. She is aware that what she is doing within the school is against school fraternization policy. Laurie is under the assumption that she has an advantage over other students because she is choosing to have an alleged affair with her married professor. Dr. Justin Rosemier has grossly abused his power over his student, betrayed his wife and two young children, and cheated his students out of a fair experience. His relations with his current student are lecherous and offensive. His workplace ethics are without a doubt, questionable. Dr. Rosemier, we do not know how you sleep at night. You are a man of very questionable character and we cannot respect that you’ve abused your power for personal gain. You are not to be respected in the eyes of your students any-longer. You have betrayed your wife, children, and your own academic integrity. We hope that by coming forward that the community is made aware of this predator and puts an end to this grossly unethical and disgusting behavior.

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