Justine Rodriguez – San Antonio, Texas Texas


Needs a shrink !!!!! She is the definition of a nasty whore. Knowingly goes after taken men with no remorse. She is selfish, she has no morals, absolutely no self respect. She runs through so many men and gets in the middle of so many relationships, itís incredible how she can live with herself. She is proud of the fact that she is a dirty nasty slut, an ugly Ghetto hood rat whore, straight trash. She will lie about everything and anything. She will claim to be a victim of domestic abuse to lure in a man to come and save her, knowingly will do whatever means to get a man for attention. She needs a shrink! She lures men online then sends inappropriate pictures to the men! Oh yeah and did I mention she loves chasing married men? My husband had enough sense to realize she was just wanting a man to take care of her and he dodged a bullet. No ma’am you will not take my husband!

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