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This company is a total scam. I’m going to be in debt forever because they ripped me off so bad on the siding I had done, charging me $30,000 for what other contractors have told me was a $10,000 job. I only hired them because they were the only ones who showed up on time and gave me an estimate right away. My insurance company was threatening to drop me, so I went with the ones who said they could do it the soonest. But the work was NOT completed by the promised date, the “crew” was only one guy. One piece of siding was cracked and it took me TWO YEARS, I kid you not, to get them to fix it. I kept calling and they kept finding the work orders had been marked “completed.” Now another piece is cracked and they want $100 just to come out and LOOK at it. But guess what. I don’t learn from my mistakes, and they conned me again with my windows. The salesman said they had new management and everything would be better, and they convinced me I was getting a steep discount. (Yes, this is at least half my fault for not shopping around more. I’d only had one other estimate, and they had not done a good job previously.) This time they at least did the job quickly, with a real crew, but they broke two pieces off my wood frames, and subsequent contractors told me the windows were just “cheap replacement windows” that should have cost $500 each instead of the $1000 I paid. The killer is that they KEEP CALLING ME, no matter how often I’ve told them they suck and I’m never hiring them again. One time they tried to convince me I could have up to $50,000 of work done free and refused to tell me how unless a salesperson came out. I finally let them send someone, and she was like, “They told you what? No, that’s not true at all.” Even their salespeople can’t keep their lies straight. .

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