Kaila Claro – Mt. Clare, Illinois Illinois


Kaila Claro destroyed a family of 8, a marriage of 13 years. She aggressively pursued my husband knowing he was married with 6 kids. Trust me, I have all the screenshots of messages! She actually MET the entire family, while acting like a lesbian with her girlfriend at a BBQ we all attended. My husband and I had renewed our wedding vows with a full wedding only a year prior-she was warned by a family member to stay away, that he was married with a loving family and the she simply told them she didn’t give a sh*t about his wife & kids. My husband had messaged her telling her he was coming back home where he belonged & was done with her – and she messaged back “I hope you enjoy reading my obituary” – oh yeah, she’s an attention w**** too lmao! She’s a “cutter”… when she pouts and don’t get her way, she cuts her arms/legs etc. and had actually been admitted to a mental facility when he broke things off with her, threatening to kill herself. Should’ve done us all a favor & done it. But, that’s what attention w***** (along with just a flat out W****) do. Cry out for attention to get their own way. All married women around this girl, watch your husbands close! She preys on them acting like she just wants to be friends then starts her “pity my sad, pathetic existence” act to play on their emotions. She’s a ruthless, aggressive, nasty HOMEWRECKER!

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